Sizing & Shoe Care


Our brand is all about finding the right size for you. We know how hard it is and we know it's not easy buying shoes online.  To make life easier for you, we recommend you measure you feet by doing the following:

1. Get a blank piece of paper, pen/pencil and ruler

2. Put the paper on the floor, draw around your feet with the pencil and then rule two lines across the top near your heel and toe like so:

3. Then measure using the ruler between the two lines to get your length.

4. For the width, find the widest part of your feet and draw a line between them. Measure this line and this will be your width.

If you're unsure at all, please call 0434 684 264 and we can have a chat to you about choosing your right size.

Whilst we have taken care to produce this sizing chart, the following shoe chart is a guide only.  We strongly recommend measuring your shoe size before making an order.

We try our best to standardise sizing. Our sizing follows the below measurements:

Eadles Shoes

EU/AU Length (cm)
EU31/AU1 19
EU32/AU2 20.5
EU33/AU3 21
EU34/AU4 21.5
EU35/AU5 22.5
EU41/AU10 26
EU42/AU11 27
EU43/AU12 27.5
EU44/AU14 28


Plumtree Shoes

Australian Size Length (cm) Width (cm)
4 22.5 6
4.5 23 8.5
5 23.5 8.5
10 26-27 9-9.5
11 27.5  9.5


Shoe Care

When purchasing a leather shoe from Soleful Shoes, be sure to keep out of water. If shoes come in to contact with water, leave them outside or in the sunlight to air. 

To clean your shoes, please use a baby wipe or damp cloth to wipe away dirt and leave outside or in the sunlight to air. Or feel free to purchase a leather protector to protect the leather on your shoe.